The Ready, Willing & Able

Wedding Officiant Prep Program

Three Week Online Course

Takes your Officiant Skills from

Unsure to Certain

Cautious to Confident

Who Is This Officiant Training Program For?

  • New Officiants Who Want to Conduct a Better than "Beginner" Wedding
  • Friends or Family Members Who've Agreed to Conduct a Loved One's Wedding
  • Those Who want Inexperience replaced with Competence, Clarity and Creativity
  • Wedding professionals who may have to officiate in an emergency

I DO-Wedding Officiant Training is NOT an ordination service. Our programs help you build on the authority of your ordination.

"Good training is a continual friend and a solace; it helps you now, and assures you of help in the future."

- Richard Mitchell

Rev Crystal - Founder / Creative Director

"Learn to officiate in a rewarding way."

When I began leading wedding ceremonies 28 years ago, I had the benefit of training during ministerial school. I learned what the elements of a ceremony are from a New Thought perspective and from this foundation, I built my style of officiating a wedding.

I had people to bounce things off of and get good feedback. I can't imagine what it's like to start out without this kind of help. I want every couple to have a fabulous wedding ceremony and that means helping new officiants to do the best they can do -- (here comes the corney punch line) by being Ready, Willing AND Able!



Weddings Officiated


Years of Experience



Different Locations



Happy Smiles

How The Program Works

STEP 1 - Utilizing Resource Guides

After purchasing your Ready, Willing and Able Officiant Package, you'll be sent a link to join the private Facebook Group. Introduce yourself, look through the posts and find yourself another Willing partner.

STEP 2 - Need The Right Resources

The first of every week for 3 weeks you'll receive an email with links to download all of the resources, templates and how-to's for that week's focus. Download at your own pace. If you're a quick starter, you can elect to receive all the materials at once.

STEP 3 - Live Support

Facebook Live events are held the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month Eastern Standard Time from 2:00 to approximately 3:00.

Can't make it? Events will be recorded so you can listen to them any time.

Post questions and our Able staff and Ready program participants will help you find the answers to your question.

You Can't Argue WIth Results

The Ready, Willing & Able Officiant Package

You're willing to stand up in front of a group of people, no matter how big or small, and play an important role in the lives of two people. Otherwise you wouldn't be HERE.

This program will give you the building blocks to fashion your own style of officiating and meet the needs of your couples. We've done the research for you and give helpful tips and techniques that give you a creative advantage.

With our comprehensive preparation and encouragement

YOU CAN OFFICIATE and do it well!

Week One - Getting Ready

Essential Guides

  1. Tools of the Trade-Your Must Have's
  2. Wedding Checklist to keep yourself organized
  3. Ceremony Content Questionnaire
  4. Comprehensive Reminder Checklist
  5. Cheatsheet for your couples - How to write Your Own Vows
  6. Ceremony Tips and Triggers Video

Choose your Facebook group partner

Week Two - Willing to Know How

  1. Templates, Guides and an abundance of resources for you to choose from.
  2. Guidance to personalize and fabulize major aspects of a ceremony
  3. Develop options to provide your couples.
  4. Begin to craft your own fabulous Go-To ceremony.

The couples you officiate for will feel understood, celebrated and honored.

Week Three -

Being Able

  1. Hone your wedding ceremony
  2. Facebook Live Sessions
  3. Practice your ceremony with your Facebook Partner
  4. 10 Steps to Officiant Confidence
  5. Prayers/Affirmations for Officiant Peace of Mind, Inspiration and Success

Optional Ad-Ons

We'll prepare the Ceremony for you

  1. You ASK the Questions, we CREATE your ceremony and you DELIVER
  2. We ASK the questions, we CREATE your ceremony and you DELIVER
  3. One on One coaching session with a wedding professional

What Our People Say!

"Thank you for being a major part of what made our wedding so memorable and in my opinion, fantastic for me and all those attending! Reverend Crystal had a special gift for bringing the magic of our love story to life..."

Jason & Laura

Foxhill Event Center

"We cannot thank you enough for getting to know us and putting so much thought and meaning into our ceremony. We could not have imagined anything more perfect. Thank you for making our day and ceremony so memorable!"

Bianca & Antonio

Fountain Point Resort

What are the Benefits of the RWA Officiant Prep Program ?

Expand Your Basic knowledge –

You may have a bare bones wedding ceremony but you want more that a five minute ceremony everyone's heard before. Plus you really don't know what to expect in leading a ceremony. How do you get from part A to part B, the Welcome to the Reading? The Consent to the Vows? Part One of the program specially leads you from start to finish so you'll know what to expect -- and be in charge.

Avoid Regrets –

Wedding professionals and often guests express frustration that the new Officiant and their ceremony can

  1. Be over way too soon (they may have come 100's of miles to be with the couple and it's over it 5 minutes -- boooo!)
  2. Be inappropriate (You thought THAT was going to be funny???)
  3. Be distractingly awkward (Why is everyone looking at me? What am I supposed to do?)

Why risk being embarrassed or upset when helpful how-to's, in person advice and resources are available for you to build or improve your competency and create an awesome ceremony too?

Positively Prepared –

With group interaction and professional guidance combined with great resources you’ll have so much going for you! Our how-to's, templates and content selections give you direction and options that set you firmly on the road to a stellar Officiant experience.


Ready, Willing and Able Officiant Training Program


Week One:

Getting Ready -- Step by Step Progression Through a Wedding Ceremony

Tools to Get Organized

Week Two:

Resources and Techniques to Create Your

Go-To and Customizable Wedding Ceremony

Week Three:

Practice, Coaching and Finalizing Your Wedding Ceremony plus Confidence Builders


"Questions and Able Answers"

I’m not interested in anything fancy or spiritual. Will I still get value from this program?

You sure can. The Brilliant Officiant package is a basic skills and resources package. We're not promoting any religion or belief system. You have complete freedom to cut, paste or edit. If you're interested in a more spiritual perspective of being an Officiant, that's a program in development.

What if I change my mind and decide I don't want to be an Officiant?

It’s all good. We know officiating isn't for everyone so we'll refund your money. All we ask is you request your refund within two weeks. We won't be giving refunds after that.

What if I miss a Facebook Live session?

Sessions will be recorded so you can watch them anytime of day or night

Can I ask questions?

Absolutely! You'll be notified when you can post your questions before the Facebook Live session and Rev Crystal will answer as many of them as she can.

I'm ready! What do I need to do to start?